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'Throw my arms around him and kiss him/ she
replied, carrying her arms through the motions of
an embrace.

But Mrs. Good Elk's sister was very angry and
incensed at the presence of the Blackfeet. She
went Into her teepee and sat down and began to
sharpen a big buffalo knife. She scolded and
threatened us youngsters when we went Into her
teepee with some Assinibolne children, and we
went to our elders and told them what she was
doing—sharpening her knife 'to get a Blackfoot
for every member of her family who had been

Some of the Assiniboincs heard of this, and they
went Into her teepee and tried to talk her into
friendship with the Blackfeet, But she was im-
placable, and when her sister, Mrs. Good Elk,
went into her teepee she handed her the knife and
told her to 'use it on her enemies'. Mrs, Good
Elk strapped the knife around her waist and came
out of the teepee, sending us youngsters scurrying
away with fright. We thought she was going to
start a fight. But, Instead, she went back to the
group of Blackfeet and resumed her conversation
with dignified friendliness.

Mrs. Good Elk married one of the Blackfoot
warriors; and she is still living—on the Assinibolne
Reserve at Sintaluta, Saskatchewan. Though
nearly eighty, she is still very handsome,